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This homepic is from Vivian's Marie Claire interview
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belongs to the creative arts and if a photo is enhanced by skillful digital postprocessing it can become a rather particular piece of fanart. Have a look into the fanart section (under fan) for an excellent example. 

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2004/07/23: A new contribution by Wil in the fanart section under fan. 

2004/07/01: Adapted the BBS page to our new message board. Please do not post to the old BBS anymore. 

2004/06/29: The best photos from the booklet "ZETT The FreePaper Vol. 5". Special Thanks to Jun to whom I'm owing the source of these lovely pictures. I couldn't find out the date of the photo session. I'm wondering if there are bigger scans somewhere in the Internet. Look under Gallery/Gallery II. 

2004/06/09: A set of beautiful pictures from the "Unbeatable Lover/Happy Past Days" period - scanned by Hawkbit from the bonus booklet which came with the Unbeatable Lover song album. Look under Gallery/Gallery II

2004/04/16: In order to avoid dead links and due to the sad fact that Monchack's Webdisk is definitely down I have removed the Download section of Collecting Vivian. Updates at Hawbit's FTP and any other links to interesting download stuff are usually announced on the BBS of Collecting Vivian anyway.  I also removed a link to "past updates". I've realized that there is no interest in reading this information, so the work for maintaining this subpage isn't worth. But same as with the Webmistress' last Homepic her last update message is preserved at the bottom of this column.

2004/03/22: Since we still miss Our Mighty Webmistress, Hawkbit has appointed himself the "provisional webmaster" of Collecting Vivian. I will leave anything on the site in the state of the Webmistress' last update from October 22nd 2003 - except some formal data needing actuality. So I changed the e-mail address for submitting Vivian Fanwork contributions. Hopefully this may inspire one or another of our visitors to become creative. Collecting Vivian is alive - and life needs food, doesn't it?

Last update entry of Our Mighty Webmistress:

2003/10/22: Three new additions under first gallery of Magazine section.  They were from the promotional period for Love Storm, featured in Yes/Yes Idol back issue magazines that I was able to find at various Chinese bookstores today.  I now feel that Yes magazines are the only magazines I can count on finding, which is not good, since Vivian is now featured mostly in Taiwanese magazines.

By the way, the scan quality is low even though I scanned in at 800 pixels :(  It's because the magazine paper isn't good quality... sorry!

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This is a fansite for Vivian Hsu, the Taiwanese singer/actress/model who is quickly gathering fame throughout Asia.  This girl is amazing.  She sings, plays instruments, writes songs, acts, models, and speaks multiple languages.  I live in the United States where it is difficult to gather recent news about Vivian or purchase her merchandise (especially magazines), so I understand that it can be frustrating for Vivian's fans overseas to look through websites that all feature the same things.  This is particularly true if you don't read Chinese or Japanese, since most of her better sites feature these two languages. 

Collecting Vivian is a truly collaborative effort.  I run the site, Hawkbit (Vivian-fan in Germany) pays for the domain.  All images on this site, except for the ones under the Internet section, are original scans and contributed by me, Hawkbit or Keiji (Vivian-fan in Japan).  Monchack (Vivian-fan currently in Taiwan) supplies her webdisk for our download section.  Miki (Vivian-fan in Australia) gifted us with our Cherrytea Forum.  Talk about international and cross-cultural cooperation! ^0^